Last week I talked about how sometimes a simple bridge is exactly what our student or client needs, and we don’t always have to invent the most creative / most complicated movements every time we teach.
And then over the weekend I did something to my foot (navicular drop leading to 5th met head displacement, maybe, according to me and Dr. Google?!) and I’m trying not to weight bear on it more than I need to, but somehow still get some glute strengthening in…
Enter the bridge!

I brainstormed a bunch of variations (and filmed them sped up… you don’t actually need to do 30 bridges in 30 seconds!). Some require a yoga block or two and a blanket, but you can sub a fat book for a block. I did a few at the end with resistance bands too, just cos I have them. There’s endless possibilities, but feel free to bookmark this list as a starting point when you need a creative boost.

If you’ve only ever done a bridge one way, watch my short video to see a handful of other ways you can do it.

 And if you try any, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!