Have you ever felt pressured to keep your students entertained with constant new variations on basic yoga poses?

“It’s Utkatasana, but with Warrior 2 arms!” 

(actually, I might use that someday ;-))

If this is tough for you, it definitely doesn’t help to see other teachers on social media endlessly riffing on poses, with weights, bands, household items, furniture…

But you know what? There’s a big difference between what a private student needs, and what a group class is about.

If you’re thinking “it me” right now, watch my short video to learn:

  • Why you don’t need to reinvent the bridge (or clam) for privates
  • When you feel stuck, a bridge can be a bridge (sorry) to other ideas
  • Why functional is fun, but sometimes basic is best
  • How to take a simple pose into a group class and make it anything but

What have you learned along your teaching journey about teaching privates? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

And if you think you need a private session, contact me and let’s get you started!