Have you ever had a new student or client tell you, “My doctor said I can never [insert type of movement] because I will hurt myself” (or something similar)?

To be fair, not all doctors use fear-mongering language, and it’s not only the purview of the medical profession – plenty of other people (chiropractors, PTs, yoga teachers, Pilates instructors) do it too. 

We know words have power, and in particular, when it comes to our bodies, if a trusted professional tells us to be afraid, that’s a powerful influence and a difficult message to try and shift.

No matter the source, once someone has been set up to be afraid of movement, it’s a challenge to unpack it for them and find ways they can move safely and without fear or anxiety.

As a movement teacher, what do you do when someone comes in with rigid beliefs about what they can or cannot do with their body?

In my short talk below I explain:

– How not moving can not only create more pain but reinforce negative beliefs

– How to earn the trust of a fearful client

– Techniques to rewire their beliefs about their abilities to get them moving again

If you’ve had a hard time figuring out how to work with someone who doesn’t trust their own body, watch the video for some guidance.

I’d love to hear how you have worked with a ‘fragile’ client and what techniques you use – feel free to comment below!