Have you ever had a student who won’t stop pushing through pain? Or they don’t want to modify what they’re doing, even though it hurts? 

I see this all the time in the clinic, when someone comes in and they (for example) love running, but now they have hip pain, and they want their hip pain to get better, but they don’t want to stop running.

I used to see it as a yoga teacher when people wanted to practice every day, or at least 6 times a week, typically the vinyasa/power styles, and they had pain, but they weren’t willing to reduce or change their yoga practice. 

It can be that the movement is a meaningful part of their identity – if I’m not doing yoga every day, can I call myself a practitioner?

Or sometimes it’s the only exercise a person likes and will stick to.

Watch my video for tips on how to work with someone who won’t stop pushing through their pain, and let me know any tips or approaches you have as well!