What To Do With Your Foam Roller

Ok, so just to clarify – you can still foam roll all you want on it. Roll your heart out. Recently, more and more studies are showing that a more pliable and targeted tool will be more effective…

Help For Your Stiff Neck

For lots of people with neck pain, their cervical range of motion – the movements they are able to do with their neck – become limited as a protective mechanism. If you’ve had neck pain for a while…

What is Bandwidth?

As movement teachers, we are often torn between two competing schools of thought around how we teach. Generally speaking, the two options are: do I control with intense precision every movement that my students make, so that they never do a movement that is ‘wrong,’ or do I allow a more freeform approach, so that they can let their bodies move in all sorts of positions and ways before they settle into where I want them to be?

Isometric Contractions For Pain Relief

Something that´s been on my radar lately is the study of isometric muscle contraction and its relationship to pain relief. If that sentence made you say, ¨Huh?¨ – let´s back up and review.

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I love to write, and I love concepts and understandings about human movement, which make me a professional body nerd. Former editor of the Yoga Tune Up blog, you’ll find all my current ideas and obsessions here.

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