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Quantum Leap Community brings together movement professionals to embrace new learning, question old practices, and revitalize our thinking and comprehension skills so that we can positively impact our clients’ quality of life.

This intimate, bi-monthly group meeting has a dedicated goal – to help you learn how to problem solve in the moment for all of your clients, no matter what their diagnosis, all while staying within your scope of practice.

Quantum Leap Community is open to all movement teachers to advance your understanding of the human body, methodically approach common pathologies with movement solutions, and develop quicker critical thinking skills for movement strategies, so that no client ever seems too complicated for you again!


Intro to Pain Science

Watch this FREE intro video for 5 essentials you need to know about pain, with practical solutions to use right away with your clients.

If this gets your inner nerd going and you want more, click through to read about and enroll in my full course!


Movement Therapy Tutorials

Let’s face it! Whether it’s a private client or a student after class – questions about what to do about pain and discomfort can be challenging to address for a movement teacher.

However, it’s possible to address students’ needs skillfully, using evidence-based reasoning and tools, all while staying within your scope of practice.

This happens by becoming anatomically and biomechanically informed, gaining a deeper understanding around pain science, and acquiring a diverse set of teaching tools that you can apply immediately.

Access a library of evidenced-based, movement therapy tutorials to help your students who are in pain and looking to you for help.

Each tutorial focuses on a specific body region and its common injuries and pathologies, including Low Back Pain, Pelvic Floor, Shoulders, Feet and Ankles and – coming soon – Neck!

If you’ve felt like your current knowledge base is lacking in this kind of reasoned application of movement therapy, then this is the course for you!