Quantum Leap


Teach Smarter, Not Harder

Are you ready to take a quantum leap beyond repertoire to the next level of movement knowledge? Move beyond the lens of your discipline(s), whether it’s yoga, Pilates, personal training or more. If you’re not looking to just add another modality – if instead, you want to increase your sophistication as a teacher across all your platforms –  then this training is for you.

  • Advance your understanding of biomechanics and kinesiology
  • Methodically select appropriate movement for common injuries
  • Apply critical thinking skills to posture, movement and gait
  • Understand and apply new pain science for chronic conditions
  • Attract a broader client base with your new skill set

You know when you have a student come up to you and ask about a specific body question and you want to have a legit and informed answer? Quantum Leap will teach you how to find those answers for your clients and when to refer out. It will give you the confidence to work with clients and students of varying abilities, injuries, and pathologies. If you’re looking for more confidence in your public and private teaching space, this is the training for you. It has been one of my favorite trainings so far!


a format

Quantum Leap exists in two different formats: a three-day comprehensive study of the whole body, and one-day deep dives into special topics, like the neuromuscular system and the pelvic floor. In addition, all courses are available to attend live, or purchase and view online, whichever works best for you. Choose what interests you most! Details below:


This 3-day continuing education course was born out of a need for movement teachers to grow in their sophistication and skills when working with clients who have special needs, injuries, or chronic conditions. The course is open to all movement teachers to advance your understanding of biomechanics and kinesiology, methodically approach common pathologies, and embrace critical thinking skills for movement strategies to attract a broader client base.

  • Day 1: Spine and Trunk
  • Day 2: Upper Extremity
  • Day 3: Lower Extremity


These 1-day courses are designed to take a deeper dive into topics that are of special interest to all movement teachers to enhance their confidence and comprehension of more advanced movement conditions. Each course includes comprehensive pain science education, advanced biomechanics and kinesiology study, and movement therapies appropriate for the topic. Current topics include:

  • Pelvic Floor
  • Foot + Ankle
  • Pain Science and the Neuromuscular System